Amnesiac Impressionist

If you are lost in your thoughts, you have truly begun to imagine- The Eighth Orchid I remember being the child who would daydream of impossible scenarios in which I came out victorious every time. Often without anyone knowing, I would sit by myself and sing songs to the ants because I was a weird... Continue Reading →

Reply of the Tear

While watching snowfall today it made me realize how akin life is to snow. Life at first starts of slow but as we age it comes faster and heavier. We wonder “where did that time just go?” But just like with life, it we let our life get us down too much, it can and... Continue Reading →

Fine Sand

One of the hardest things to learn about yourself is at times the truth. It could be the way you treat people, it could be a constant attitude, hey it could be your body odor is horrible. Once you know what it is: make a change. That’s not saying that if you like peanut butter... Continue Reading →

Static Imagination

Looking at the sky I realized again how beautiful it is and how often we look last it. Appreciating the color, the texture, the warmth. I realized that’s how I wanted to be. I wanted to be someone with so much warmth that someone could see it before they met me. That warmth I imagined would... Continue Reading →


Did you catch it? Maybe you saw it and wondered if I spelled it wrong. Maybe you thought it was a word which you had never heard before. However, that word still made you think. Mistakes we make should make us think about why we made them, what lead us to that mistake and how... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaves

The other day as I was driving home I took the time to pull over and watch the leaves fall to the ground. Each leaf as it fell was dancing as it came to it's final resting place. The leaves: red, brown, purple, yellow.: each came to the same place. I don't know why that... Continue Reading →

Tears of The Sunset

This life we live is so frail. What I mean by that is that even though we live our lives having fun, loving each other, and enjoying life, there are times when that fragility becomes all too real. Twelve years ago, my brother was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. His name was Brian. He... Continue Reading →

To The Moon

Isn't it amazing how beautiful the moon is? It inspired me because it made me realize how similar it is to our goals. As a kid when I would swing I used to think I could truly reach the moon and grab it. I would try and try but could never quite jump and grab... Continue Reading →

True Feelings of a Heart

In every beginning story there has always been a young budding man or woman who uses their motivation to achieve their dreams. That struggle has always been what struck me as "iconic" because who we are is who we have been, what we can be, and what we will be. Every struggle is a compliment to your... Continue Reading →

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