Let Go

There comes a certain point in life where you have to let go of negativity, where you have just hold yourself accountable. I understand that some people have been put through such horrific things in life they are forever changed. However, what I do know is that when you truly become positive, when you truly change that thinking everything will get better. I choose to be optimistic because I can’t be negative.

If I choose to wallow in my negativity, or get mad for what someone else has done to me I have now allowed that person a spot in MY mind. The hardest thing in life is to make a decision, and then STICK TO IT.

Make your decision today to be positive, to be happy, to be inspired, to see the positive in negative. Do it for everything. You may irritate people. Do not let someone’s negative view of your positive outlook stain your happiness. My goal is when people see how happy I am or how positive I can be it jump starts positive drive (It’s corny I know). To help make someone’s day is sometimes the best thing we can ask for.

Positive outlooks turn impossible mountains into mounds of dirt

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