Continuation of a New Beginning

“Hang onto the world as it spins around. Just don’t let the spin get you down.”  As a person, better yet as emotional beings we’ve all had to hang on tightly so we don’t let go of who we are. In the past year I’ve been changed fundamentally. I’ve lost one of the most important people to me: my mother. That will be another subject for another day.

When you hit your rock bottom that is a wonderful thing. What I mean is that you can now start that new foundation on something solid. To not only make it durable, but long lasting. I’ve had to rebuild my foundation and my wife has been a strong force behind that. To say that I am the same person would be an outright lie.  My wife has helped me not only to grow as a person but more importantly as a man. I owe much more than gratitude to her. I owe her my life. She has hung through every tough situation we have had. She is my perfect complement, my perfect counterpart and she makes me perfect.. I do not know where I would be without her.

Probably now you may be wondering what meaning The 8th Orchid has to me. It’s simple. There are eight people in my family, including myself, and the orchid is a flower my wife and my mother found to be beautiful. The orchid is a diverse and colorful flower. Interestingly doing some research only Moth Orchid will rebloom  from its old spike.

Be like the Moth Orchid. Keep reblooming, keep advancing, and keep progressing. If we don’t take the time to carefully and honestly criticize ourselves we will stay hidden in our old spike. Imitate nature. Be diverse. Be calming. Be the beautiful that you see in nature and let that resonate within you.

“Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free.”


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