True Feelings of a Heart

In every beginning story there has always been a young budding man or woman who uses their motivation to achieve their dreams. That struggle has always been what struck me as “iconic” because who we are is who we have been, what we can be, and what we will be. Every struggle is a compliment to your persona.  

My life has gone through highs, extreme lows, and middle grounds. They are to me like the sand meeting the ocean or rather the ocean meeting the shore. At times, I overtake more than I had bargained for. At times I do not meet where I had been, and moments that where I am I have always been.

I could write for hours expressing the feelings I have but I choose to convey them in poetry. My poetry is by my standards a blend of everything or a blend of nothing but when it comes down to it, it simply is my blend. If you love it: Please vibe with me. If you hate it:Let me know. Always love from my end. As with my poetry and life’s boundless lessons enjoy:

“Let go of all hate: Haughty, abhorrent, toxic and selfish emotions/Better is to breath and speak than to speak without regard/ Love is a funny thing/We have it and claim we can not find it/The person they claim to love they cast aside/Faults they consider instead of loves decisions/ Monsters we are, yet we deny ourselves deeply/ It is not that one person stopped/ It is just that our other half pulled away and tries to justify those feelings/ Nuances they seek, but it is caverns they find and it is there the effectively hide themselves/Only when we stop trying does love truly die?/ Love is one consonant. Deep, penetrating, yet intellectual/ This world destroys love/Better yet it gives us as humans the tools to destroy it/ If you stop you die/Everyone blames, points fingers when in reality we should be examining ourselves/ Are we really so self-righteous that we do not see our mistakes, or is it that we are so full of ourselves that apologies are the last resort/Why do we hurt each other?/ It is truly for sport to cause emotional trauma?/ Why do we not examine, then reflect, meditate and then talk?/If life is truly that bad then why did we not stop?/ Actions do not speak louder than words/Rather words leave open wounds and are louder than a gunshot/ Before we PULL the trigger why did you COCK it back?/ Before you COCKED it back why did you LOAD the bullet?/ Before LOADING the bullet, why did you THINK about loading the gun?/Before BUYING the gun WHY would you even have it?  It is our why that we fail to understand their why which leads love into remission and turns it into fairytales/ But it is those stories which make us believe.

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