To The Moon

Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the moon is? It inspired me because it made me realize how similar it is to our goals.

As a kid when I would swing I used to think I could truly reach the moon and grab it. I would try and try but could never quite jump and grab it. It was not until I got older I was told by others I could not grab it. It’s the same way with our goals: When we first have a goal we see how close we can come to reaching it. As we tell people about it they start telling us how far we really are, statistics, you are probably not going make it and boom: discouraged. What is worse is that we see that goal every night just like we see the moon. We think they are above our reach: they are not. You had better get in that space shuttle and grab your moon! We always hear about the hard work it takes but if you love it then it is not hard work! Remember that quote “One small step for a man, and one giant leap for mankind.” Do the small steps and they will turn into that leap! I made the leap starting The Eighth Orchid and I love it.

I genuinely love writing, I genuinely love smiling, I  genuinely love making people happy, but genuinely I just love life. Be someone refreshing in this world of stagnant humidity. I am someone that is super gummy (I never stop smiling) If I stop being this happy then I have taken away an integral part of who I am. Find what you love to do and start making small steps. I started with a goal of blogging of twice a week. I’ve only been able to blog, write, post (whichever phrase you prefer) once a week but I am loving it. If you like it too let me know! Bloom from that figurative spike and be the beauty you see in yourself.

-The Eight Orchid


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