Did you catch it? Maybe you saw it and wondered if I spelled it wrong. Maybe you thought it was a word which you had never heard before. However, that word still made you think.

Mistakes we make should make us think about why we made them, what lead us to that mistake and how to fix it. Own up to your mistake. Don’t continue to dwell on it. It’s like trying to put new tread on the same rubber that blew in the first place. Figure out why that mistake was made and move on. Dwelling too much on it can set you back. At times, the worst teacher is experience. However, the best things come from that. It gives you a perspective you did not have before. So make some mistakes but learn from them! Learn to love losing because it’s how you learn to win and be better!

Find what you enjoy doing and do it! Sometimes though, it’s hard to motivate yourself. When you’re so drained from work, and what’s going on around you. You have to keep going though. You’ve heard it before that the time will pass. It will. Work hard and keep trying. Spend just an hour. That hour will turn into two and two into three. It will change your outlook! Keep going every day. You won’t regret it.


Seconds, minutes, hours are what we ask for, yet we don’t appreciate every moment. Days, weeks, and years go by but we focus on our failures. If we can appreciate the time and the moments of each day we may realize how much we’ve offered. The feeling of accomplishment is not for others but for you.


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