Static Imagination

Looking at the sky I realized again how beautiful it is and how often we look last it. Appreciating the color, the texture, the warmth. I realized that’s how I wanted to be. I wanted to be someone with so much warmth that someone could see it before they met me. That warmth I imagined would come from my positivity. Yet, that can be hard especially when everything around us is negative.

The point is to overcome that negativity. I won’t lie. I can’t and won’t sit here and tell you that this way or that way is best way to overcome what YOU are personally going through. We all have to find our IT. For me it’s making people smile, writing, singing, being outside that helps me to overcome any negativity that I encounter.

Negative thoughts will come up. They will break you down. Things that may have happened long ago will make you feel down. It’s that anchor that will hold you down. There’s positive charges and negative charges. You can’t  have one without the other. So the next time something negative happens look for the positives that can and will come from it and do not beat yourself up. Face it head on. Don’t have a changeless or static imagination. Work to change it. Everyday find something positive about your life. Even if you can’t just realize you are alive with the opportunity to change your outcome each day.


Blues Skies: Do you worry? Do you wonder how the night lives?does wind blow you away. How your clouds effortlessly glide. Why do we worry about others, yet we neglect ourself. Even a thousand smiles will not cover the despair of disappointment. Similarities still can be contrary. Similar to different version of yourself. Who are we? Do we stain ourselves with our failures hopelessly falling into a pit wishing, hoping we perish? Why is it without darkness we indulge in Carnage? Is it because the nightie has shadow? Faceless, indiscernibleand quiet. Oh shadows: why do you follow us in the daytime.? Why remind us of who we actually are. Your touch is the hair raising shiver that make outlooks dire. Your whisper induces anxiety. Yet I will not bend. Because of you Blue Skies: You do not worry.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Your feedback helps me to get better and that all we can ask for in life.

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