Fine Sand

One of the hardest things to learn about yourself is at times the truth. It could be the way you treat people, it could be a constant attitude, hey it could be your body odor is horrible. Once you know what it is: make a change.

That’s not saying that if you like peanut butter and pickles and someone says that’s nasty you should stop eating it. You like that food. Eat it. People try so hard to fit in these days they end up fitting out. It’s in every age group. The point: be yourself. Some people simply will hate you because you are always positive. They will say “life isn’t sunshine and lollipops!” That’s their view. But if being so optimistic keeps your from breaking down, then hey you be the best OPTIMIST PRIME you can be.

Being genuine is better than being a knockoff. Be that genuine person. For me,  I can be an emotional guy. So now I use that to my advantage. It makes me a better person. People try to hold onto an image of themselves they can not sustain and they become like fine sand in a gripped fist. They keep on pouring out until very little is left.


Be someone who smiles

[I smile because I have cried. I smile because I have hurt too many times to count. I smile because I have fallen. Though divided: I smile. Though persecuted: I smile. Through abuse: I smile. Through bitter hatred: I smile. From hearts that have been broken: I smile. Through every feeling, good or bad: I’ve smiled. Through love: I smile. Through moments so concrete, so effervescent: I smile. Though I am sad, though I will get hurt, even though everyday will not be as blissful: I smile. I will smile through any situation because I have experienced depression, I have experienced the cruel vacuum of death. I smile for you, and I smile for me. I smile because I live. I smile because I’ve experienced love. I SMILE BECAUSE ITS ALL I CAN DO. I SMILE…because…someone has to.]

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