Reply of the Tear

pexels-photo-259670.jpegWhile watching snowfall today it made me realize how akin life is to snow. Life at first starts of slow but as we age it comes faster and heavier. We wonder “where did that time just go?” But just like with life, it we let our life get us down too much, it can and will become heavier and heavier to bear. An inch of snow is not deadly, but 15 inches can become deadly quickly. That we we plow to make the roads safer to allow us safe passage. Sometimes it’s just to maintain. If you’re just maintaining and barely keeping it together: it’s okay.

If you’re crying everyday because you’ve lot someone: it’s okay. If you’re having doubts about where you’re life is going: it’s okay. Too many times we think we have to have it together everyday. But even in nature  flowers wilts because of a lack of sunshine. But once it’s gets some sunlight it’s raises again. Look for your sunshine be it in your family, your books, your hobbies. Find a healthy release for it. Cry when it hurts but still be joyful. Scream when that’s all you can do but whisper “I love you” to those whom you are close. Let your tears be the nutrients for the smile that will break the soil


For the tears roll down but the eyelash catches them. He asks them why they are sad and they reply simply “because she is” .As it descends toward the ground the tear looks up but is asked again why they are sad and they reply “because she is” but as it evaporates into the ground they are asked again why they are sad and each tear replies “ we are sad because we see why she is” One tear responds “ I am the baby she miscarried and I reply because that child would have experienced a love unlike any other” another responds “ I am the father she lost and  I see how much she needed him” another “I am dog she lost , because I see empathy she has” and as the last tear evaporates it responds “ I am sad because these once happy moments are now all she has and that is why she cries because she misses them. But being the last tear I know she will be okay because from here I can see she is smiling.”


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