Amnesiac Impressionist

If you are lost in your thoughts, you have truly begun to imagine- The Eighth Orchid

I remember being the child who would daydream of impossible scenarios in which I came out victorious every time. Often without anyone knowing, I would sit by myself and sing songs to the ants because I was a weird kid. I would sit on the roof many times as a teenager and watch the sunsets in Phoenix as it would fall and the hues would bounce off one cloud to the other.

I realized that all the problems I had or will have would be nothing compared to someone else. If we all took our problems, put them in a bag and had to randomly choose someone else’s problems, 9/10 times you will put their problems back and pick back up your own. Now I’m not downgrading your problems to a level one but what I’m saying is put them all into perespective. We complain about things we really shouldn’t: I have no service here, internet is too slow, I don’t like this or that, these clothes are ugly. We are perception based and that more so than ever is a product of the society we live in.

Instead, complain about how great your day was and how you wish it would never end. Complain that you wish you could love your spouse more than you do right now Complain about  how much you love spending time with your family. That is what makes life. Don’t be someone who impersonates their life and forgets how to live it.

Dear mind,

For too long you have complained about your circumstances and now it has reached our heart. Did you truly want this life or have you been living in someone else? I’ve sensed and collected your feelings as you read about their life, and my how excited you were to learn about their dealings but after you were done your heart gave way to tears because you felt no one cared: but I do. Tell me: Is it fame you want? Because that is as fleeting as dew in the morning. Is it the money? This green piece of refuse that humans kill themselves for?  Ahhh I see. It is the recognition that you seek. You have to understand and love yourself before others can. Concern yourself with your life and then the care and satisfaction of taking care of others will come. Do not be the amnesiac impressionist my dear mind pretending to be another but forgetting who you are. Do you feel that? Those goosebumps. You are now lost in your thoughts. Now your life will begin.






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