Peering from Within

Have you ever peered from within and saw the peers within? I thought about this and did an exercise where I thought about a great quality that I have: For me it was caring for people. No matter what happened to me I still gave more than I received. I’ve been told not to give everyone everything but that’s just who I am. If you know everything what do you have to use against me?

I love genuineness, but genuineness is not being rude to someone and labeling it as honesty. It takes far more effort, far more strength, and far more love to be kind at all times than it does to be rude. Some people fake caring, but I actually do. Because of that I’ve been taken advantage of: and it’s ok. They needed that kindness and I had more to spare. If someone’s life is made better in the end, how awesome is that. I have so much more kindness in my heart to give. I’d rather give all I have, than to be selfish. I’m just happy to make someone happy.  Not many people can be like that and it’s ok.  But even so: care for people and please let me know what makes you happy?

I’ve opened my eyes and yet I see inside myself.                Who I am, what I will be. I’ve consulted my peers and they’ve peered within: Love, genuineness, honest, empathy, humility. Will I keep my darkness at bay or will it rise at the sunset. Even the moon still shines at night. Ever surely, so will I. Holding tightly, gripping my sanity until my knuckles bleed, which painfully, assuredly, made me release. But I will pick myself back up again. As a tree grows grow news leaves: So will I. As the birds sing songs of joy: So will I. And as surely as the sun rises: So. Will. I . I’ve peered within and seen those who have lifted me up. Like eagles y’all. Like eagles.929DB9B3-D9E4-4D41-9290-4A8A6EA846BC



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