Elongated Moon

As I look out from my window, as the sun falls ever so slowly against the blue sky, my skin tingles. But the thing is, my view is obstructed by the screen I am writing this on. Obstructive, sometimes, is what our views can be from what’s directly in front of us: our phones, our jobs, our anxieties, our darkest moments. But when we remove them and put them in their correct space the picture becomes clear. If we forget to live, while we live, we cease to live.

Much on what you will read from me is about staying positive, even when life becomes dark. Even for me I have had dark moments in my life where I’ve lost myself. Everyone has been there and most likely one day will experience that feeling again. But with the experiences you have had before, my hope is that that dark day will not last the entire day, but rather a moment. In that second you realize that your depression or darkest fears will leave, you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rather, you will see the sun from the surface of the ground.

She sat there crying. He sat there wondering what could have went wrong. She become angry at the world. He feel into a world of self-loathing. She would not go out until everyone left. He was the first one to leave.She stared out of her window while he stared out of his. While she saw sunshine, he saw the moon. While she walked alone in the cold, he walked huddled in crowds. In the instance she could scream, it would come from his mouth. In the moment he sobbed, tears fell from her eyes. In the moment she become strong, it emanated from his body. In the instance he became vulnerable, she become his shelter. The sun and the moon exist at the same time, yet they arrive at different periods. So in the same way was their love. She loved him but he did not understand her. When his heart saw her love it was too late to exist. They became two pieces existing simultaneously, yet in different times. 


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