Better Today

Is that how you feel? That right now at this very moment you want a better today…starting tomorrow? This sounds like you doesn’t it? If things we’re just a certain way, your better tomorrow could start today, right? I’ve been there and in some cases still am.

To be candid, sometimes we just need to be content and keep working for the better tomorrow we know is going to come. We have work, then we have to cook and make it healthy. Then, we still have to find time to exercise. Can’t forget about our favorite shows to keep up on. Here comes your social life just waiting for a small piece you have left over. Last but not least, you still have to sleep. Wait, I forgot. if your married and have a significant other you know as well as I that they need attention too.

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Quite honestly, I couldn’t even begin to tell how to manage everything. What I can tell you is to work on them diligently. Nothing ever falls into place just perfect. There’s some preparation behind it. So, what’s taking your behind so long to figure it out.

Fear, complacency, selfishness, self-doubt ( I can’t do it) cripple us. Let me tell you, we all go through that same thing. I’ve doubted myself countless times but then I remembered some wise words “If you suck, you suck but you can’t suck if you don’t try”

The better today you dream of is sitting inside of the better you of tomorrow. It takes time to make your today better. Just like a literal day has 24 hours, it may take some time to reach your better today.

Most people wont admit it, but we’re all struggling through this social media oasis. It’s one of the greatest inventions of all time but also one of the most deadly. Use your social media to inspire and do good. Or use it for whatever you want. It’s up to you.

But make yourself a small promise and stick to it. You’ll be confidence and with confidence come a better today and tomorrow

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