Grateful for Everyday

A few months back I set the goal of writing one blog per week for an entire year so I could track my progress and my skill. It was also to fast-track my copy-writing business which is still in it’s fledgling stage but is progressing along. As you may have noticed: I failed. But with that failure came so many grateful lessons. Even failing is amazing. Here are the things I’ve learned.

Goals– I learned goals need to have even shorter goals helping you reach your bigger goals. Even though I set out to write a blog each week, I didn’t set aside the time, nor did I even write down ideas on which to write about, which set me up for failure. I was behind before I even started. It’s not motivation I needed. I have a surplus of that. I lacked consistency. Without consistency, you will never reach your goals.

Time Management– I left it to motivation to get started and as we know motivation is very fickle. Without setting time aside each day or a block of time, I started to drift off and found myself watching TV or whatever I got distracted with. Even 30 minutes on a timer goes by quickly but helps with time management. Keeping myself on a schedule is something I do now and the dividends it pays are amazing.

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Ideas– I started writing down everything I thought about. No matter where I was or what I was doing, it’s important to write down those ideas. Some days you can’t dictate when your brain is going to be creative so go along for the ride when it does. I know have ideas and time where I sit down and think which gets my creative juices flowing but now when I have an idea I write it down. You should too

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I also ask myself every Sunday: How Have I Failed This Week? It helps me to put into perspective what I did wrong and how to improve the following week. Some weeks are worse than others but failing doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. It just means you have to look at it from a different perspective.

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Make yourself vulnerable to yourself and the growth you will experience will be immense.

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  1. My GMa use to always say steady pace wins the race… helpful hints to reach any goals we set for ourselves, appreciate the hints!


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