We’re all Authors

Everyone is an author. What we become an author of depends very much on us. If we lose sight of the story in our life, we risk going astray. Even the most talented author will get writers-block a few times in their life. It may even seem life our life has writers block and we can’t figure it out.

It may be days. It may be weeks. It may be months or unfortunately, even years. But we can choose to redraft what we don’t like from our story. We CAN start over. Taking the time to find the problems areas will require dedication. Rarely do we play this game of life at 100%.

What work will you author? Engineering, possibly starting your own business? Even a hobby of sorts? For me personally, my story is about personal growth and working to become an independent ghost-writer(copywriter) and full-time poet. This is my documentation of said journey. I can look back later and see just how far I have grown and be proud of my accomplishments.

How you get there depends on what you are willing to do. Are you possibly willing to give up your shows and tv-time to become better at your craft? If you are happy with life: you’ve won. Most people say they want money, cars, fame but really they just want happiness. We want to wake up each day and look forward to it. No, each day won’t be sunshine and rainbows but it certainly can be bright and sunny!

Remember-Run at your own pace. Some authors have published tons of books while others have published one. Take the time with your life to understand what you want. Nothing is worse than rushing a product. Your life is no different. Truly, we are the captains of our soul.

Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

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