Who can you help get here?

Writing is a journey. The stops you make along the way are like milestones in your life. How we live, dictates which mile marker we get to.

Their value comes not from those we put down, but the one’s we help to reach their peak. We don’t have to crush another’s dream under our proverbial boot. How we speak, how we say things and how it comes across to others, is important. Remember: we can still reach our potential while lending a helping hand.

Sunrise Over Mt. Kinabalu, St. John’s Peak.

More often than not, we don’t think twice about supporting our favorite artist. We will go to their concerts and buy their clothing. However, when it comes to our friends, who are venturing out and risking everything, we don’t support. We don’t promote their business and to top things off, we ask for that “friend discount.”

Maybe deep down we don’t want them to be better or we see our failures when they succeed. Your attitude doesn’t have to define your support, but it will show in how you treat them.

It’s not that hard to support our friends. We just have to take the time to do it. Buy a piece of clothing, try their food, use their service, promote their business on your social media page. Help them grow. You lose nothing and you will definitely gain the appreciation of your friend.

4 thoughts on “Who can you help get here?

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  1. What a nice read this morning. This is the one of the reasons why I support local businesses in our area too, especially those whose owners are of my acquaintance. Have a nice day! 🌷


      1. Yes, I’ve read somewhere that supporting small businesses is actually better for the economy, so I guess it’s a Win-Win! Keep writing! 🤗


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