How is your life credit looking?

Have you ever sat alone in your room wondering how you got into needless debt with your own life? We get into what I like to call life-debt: the lending of ourselves, our time, emotions, and intellectual property etc.

Just like a credit card, we have limits. Like credit cards, we could end up maxing ourselves out (time, emotions, negativity, etc). Don’t forget about that high interest rate too. Once we see our life-debt hit rocket-man proportions, we frantically spend additional time and effort to pay it off. You hate being in debt, right? You should also hate constantly expending yourself too.

What good is a tanker, with a truckload of gas, if the tanker itself, is on empty? We’re not so different. We give, give, and give, yet find ourselves exhausted, mentally worn out, irritable, and possibly a little lethargic (couch potato). Please understand, I’m all for giving and expending yourself for others. However, we need to take in and then give out: decompress if you will.

There’s nothing like being financially responsible. We should consider our lives the same way. Build up enough life credit. Don’t burn yourself out for short term highs. You may end up in long term lull.

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