Do You Quit?

I think many times we enjoy watching movies because we love immersing ourselves in their development. Whether we realize it or not: part of us wants to be the main character.

Isn’t that why we binge watch shows? Hero, rom-coms, comedies, romances, the list goes on. We relate to different characters in varying roles. We come up with endless scenarios in our heads. “If that ever happened to me, I would do this.” “That couldn’t happen in real life!” Personally, because we are constantly told no or “that’s a stupid idea”, the confidence we used to have ends up drier than the Arizona desert. Don’t let it take your happiness away.

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If you’re struggling to make ends meet: don’t quit. If you’ve failed at building your business multiple times: don’t quit. The point is: Don’t give up. I admire those who don’t give up even when everything is going wrong. They are doing what they love. Isn’t that the point? Creating a life doing what we love (within reason of course)

With life comes experience, and with experience comes failure. It’s certain to ring your doorbell early. If you’re scared, it’s okay. If you’re not trying? Definitely not okay. Tell yourself everyday that something amazing will happen. 99% it will happen.

So the question is: what are you not going to quit on?

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