Unravel Yourself?

Sounds pretty daunting right? Letting yourself be vulnerable. We’re too stressed, too busy and ridiculously tired that we become a dam of emotions. But the difference between the dam and ourselves is sooner or later, we can’t maintain that level of stress

You’ve heard the saying “let peace flow like a river”. The sounds, the quiet, the beauty. Rivers are peaceful and calming. Dam’s too are a wondrous piece of architecture. We’re amazed at how much it can hold. However, we shouldn’t want to hold that much stress or “water” in our minds, our hearts, our souls.

There’s beauty in unraveling. Have you ever watched as a flower over time has shown its blossom? Because of time-lapsing, we’ve seen it happen in mere seconds, but rarely does it take seconds to open. Believe in the time it takes you to unravel. It will take months, maybe years. There’s a reason flowers are referred to in poetry: their beauty.

Some flowers may be devoid of water, but by no means are they dead. Notice how they rise. The same should be said of ourselves.

By unraveling we let go of our dead characteristics. By unraveling, we let go of the hurt. By unraveling, we shed who we were. By unraveling, we can finally show who we truly are.

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