Failing…It’s not the end

When you think of failure…where does your mind take you? Maybe it’s not measuring up to society’s standards? Your parents? Could the failure possibly be your actual life?

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Failure is your friend

We get mad at things we can’t control. Calling ourselves “idiots” “stupid” “how could you be so dumb?!” And here is where we make our first mistake. There are prob 7 billion+ humans on earth who have those same thoughts at some time in their lives.

It may be often: once a month, one a day, too many times a day. Is there someone in your life who makes you feel like a failure? It’s time to have a conversation with that person. A real long and hard conversation (tactfully, of course)

You need to have a short memory. You are not stupid: you just failed. You will fail again. Moving on is easier said than done. So, keep a journal of the times you failed. Analyze it, figure out why you failed and do better. Whether you win or fail…you should approach life the same way: with study and preparation. You CAN NOT WIN WITHOUT FAILURE.

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Cross Your Finish Line

Realize that even the champions lose rounds, lose games, but it’s how they approach the situation after which makes them great. They study to become better. The greatest do not rely on talent alone, they rely on their mind.

What greats do you know who have never lost a game or a championship? Brady, Jordan, Woods, Serena, Jeter, Gretzky, Ronaldo and yes, even you. Remember: you are the greatest. Treat yourself as such. See failure as your best friend, the one giving you constructive criticism, helping you to improve. You are not failing. You are just finding a bunch of ways that didn’t work. In the end, you’ll become the version you were meant to be

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In the end, you will be better

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