Being Just Ordinary?

You’ve come home from a loooooong work day. Another day gone just like that. Finally home, it’s time to start on your dream, your projects, the things that get you excited. Only now you’re too exhausted, too tired, too stressed because you’re working on someone else’s dream that you realize you have no time for yourself. So naturally, you give up, turn on the tv and distract yourself only to do it again the next day.

From experience, it doesn’t have to be this way. You see, there’s no reason to feel like a secondary character in your story. But can you be ordinary and still be okay? Here are some defining qualities of ordinary; usual, common, normal, typical, stock. If you’re okay with being ordinary I’m excited for you! Legit, there’s nothing wrong this

For others, the basic package is just fine. Many of us start with less and some start with more. What defines our life is the ability to level ourselves up each day. You don’t have to stay a stock version of yourself forever.

We’re so afraid to make the jump, so tepid about starting at the right time, that we end up putting it off. Are you fine with that? Are you okay with not trying? Are you okay with not being the best version of yourself? If you are the best version of yourself and you love what you do, give me some dap, because many of are not. But if you’re like me who yearns for more freedom, more happiness, than why are you waiting and what makes you wait?

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Could it be from years of being told that you’re nothing special, that you’ll never amount to anything, or from other close to you not believing in you? What that does to a mind is the equivalent of cardiac arrest and it;s difficult to recover from, but it’s possible.

Or could you be going through the opposite? Years of being told how great you are. Being constantly looked at the “ONE” whose going to change the world? But as you look at your life now it pains you to know you haven’t amounted to those expectations and you’re struggling to breathe because they weight is too unbearable?

Are you feeding your mind self-doubt unknowingly pushing your goals further and further into the distance? “I’m not good enough” “No one would want to buy this” “Man, I suck” “I’m not like everyone else”

It sounds cliche but thinking and saying positive things about yourself is the first way to start. Drive your self-doubt so far away, it will never come back. Small steps eventually cover long distances

Building a new “you” can take years. Remember that the “overnight successes” you look up to often took years but with small steps they turned those steps into miles. You will too.

There’s no reason not to go for what your want. There’s no reason to doubt yourself. Find a circle who encourages you and supports your dreams and will be there for you. Stay away from people who say “that’s a dumb idea” “I knew it wouldn’t work” “that’s not possible” “be realistic” “yeaaah, ok”.

Look for others who are going for the goal you’re going for. If they’ve found success chances are you will be able to do the same. Ask them questions, pick their brains.

But above all else, believe in yourself. Before anyone else will believe in you, you need to. Take each failure, each disappointment and let those lessons teach you how to become better. In the end, we remember the success of an individual and not their failures.

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